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Improve your business communications skills with our great content and effective methodology

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Business English Course

Bring English into your life with Sam and Marina

Relevant content delivered in an entertaining and motivating way.

"You can improve your business English and
feel more confident operating in an international environment.
We are here to help you."

An ongoing program - JOIN ANY TIME
Business focus

High Intermediate to Advanced level
Structured content

A set of weekly content which includes:

- Live weekly interactive classes
- Recorded version 
- Supporting materials, exercises and tests
- Access to our exclusive community
- Change to any of the live classes anytime

  • Business English Course

    Every month
    Ongoing program


Best Value

Get the ball rolling

10 places left

10 places left

Public Speaking Workshops

Speak to move your audience

Practical approach to enhance your business communications in English

Highly interactive

Full engagement throughout the course.

Exclusive groups of 10 students. 

Arranged over four weeks with two-hour live sessions.


1 place left

Get your public speaking skills to the next level

Business English Book and Podcast

The Adventures of Lola Badiola

A thrilling way to advance your English.

"Are you bored of traditional language learning books?
Do you wish there was an entertaining way to improve your Business English?
If so, then we have the book for you!"

The Adventures of Lola Badiola is a novel that hooks you from the first page.

Listen to the Podcast that complements the book


The Adventures of Lola Badiola

Paperback and Kindle

It combines a thrilling story of corporate intrigue, with footnotes, explanations and quizzes to help you advance your English.

Learn new expressions, phrasal verbs and advanced vocabulary, as you follow the fascinating life of Lola Badiola.

Get immersed in the a great story while you learn

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