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Lola is a talented businesswoman based in Madrid. After seven years working at a multinational company, she quits to join a tech start-up with a moral mission.


The Adventures of Lola Badiola

Paperback and Kindle

Available in

On the other side of the world, a brilliant North Korean hacker

is targeting the companies that Lola is employed to protect.

The Adventures of Lola Badiola

A thrillling novel combined with structured language lessons

You'll be hooked by the story, while you learn from the content

An effortless and entertaining way to dominate Business English

As the cyberattacks become more personal, Lola must find a way to save her clients, her career and her reputation.

In this innovative book, Sam and Marina, combine a story of corporate intrigue with footnotes, explanations and quizzes to help you advance your business English.

Learn new expressions, phrasal verbs and advanced vocabulary,

as you follow the fascinating life of Lola Badiola.

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